Oolite Arts

Miami was built atop oolitic limestone bedrock, an aggregate chiefly composed of small, round grains which had been carved by the ocean currents. Extending this concept as a metaphor for the artist residency, exhibition space, and programming venue we had been asked to re-name, we arrived at “Oolite Arts,” which similarly connects and re-shapes individuals of the visual arts community in Miami. Re-brand debut: March 2019.


Topos oolite limestone 2

Conglomerate/community logo + logotype juxtaposed with Oolite’s namesake bedrock

Re-brand announcement video; produced and written by the team at Oolite Arts; all camerawork by Marlon Johnson; drone piloting by Juan Castaneda

Video leader logo animation; “What Miami is Made Of” tagline in use

Topos oolite 305blue 2

Primary color PMS 305 C, chosen based on the Miami’s well known area code

Topos oolite businesscard 1

Business card; 2 × 3.5"; printed 1/1

Oolite windows 2

“Windows @ Walgreens” exhibition guide; 8.5" × 5.5"; printed 4/4 with die-cut windows

“Altered States of Consciousness” exhibition animation; digital invitation + social media

Topos oolite asc opening 1

“Altered States of Consciousness” exhibition gallery guide; 8.5" × 5.5"; printed 4/4

April–May 2019 Community Art Classes booklet; 12-page self-cover, printed 4-color process


Topos oolite talks poster 3

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