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The Gender & Family Project

Acceptance is protection.

The Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project (GFP) empowers youth, families, and communities by providing gender affirmative services, training, and research. GFP promotes gender inclusivity as a form of social justice in all the systems involved in the life of the family.

GFP’s unique mission includes both family mental health and community advocacy. The unique combination of these services creates an interesting challenge; mental health services may require softness and flexibility while advocacy might be best supported by urgency and directness. These seemingly contrasting energies come together in the combination of ever-changing soft gradients and strong typography.

Like GFP’s mission, its color palette defies binary rigidity. It allows for everything from muted pastels to vivid neon hues and is best represented as a spectrum.

GFP Typography1

Inspired by iconic social justice protest signs of the twentieth century, the font intentionally doubles as a call to action.

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